Ethical School Uniforms

Why Hub1916 Peru?

At Hub1916, we are proud to design our styles and produce our ethically manufactured school uniform collections ourselves, in Peru. It is with great pride that Hub1916 inaugurated its sister company, Hub1916 Peru, in Lima in 2017. Recognized worldwide for its thousand-year-old textile know-how, Lima offers us everything a clothing manufacturer can dream of:

  • Superior quality workmanship, directly from Peruvian textile universities
  • An incomparable choice of local fabrics
  • A real passion for the industry
  • A guarantee on the quality and durability of our products
Radical Transparency

Radical transparency is at the heart of our values at Hub1916, both in the production process and in the costs of our ethical school uniforms. As you can see, we are extremely proud of our ethical production. Discover our story.

The Hub1916 Peru team

Our colleagues, or rather our second family.

Total control over the production process

Hub1916’s team of experts controls every step of the ethical production of your school uniform. From the analysis of your brand image and the design of the collection, to the production and delivery of the products, our team ensures impeccable supervision over the entire line.

Quick and quality production

With our talented team of textile designers and engineers, we can constantly push industry boundaries while ensuring the highest level of durability and integrity. Our development center and our garment factory in Lima below also allow us to implement “Just in Time“ (JIT) production, a huge advantage for our customers in terms of product manufacturing speed and quality!

Fair Price

At Hub1916, we firmly believe that parents deserve to pay a fair and equitable price for their children's ethical school uniform. Thanks to our structure which allows us to manufacture our ethical collections ourselves, we are able to conscientiously control our costs, and consequently sell at a very advantageous price. Obviously, parents are the big winners!