Elementary, middle and high school uniform collections

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Investing in a collection made from recycled bottles is an incredible opportunity for your primary or secondary school to display its social responsibility while having a concrete impact on the conservation of our planet. To make the most of this opportunity, our designers and sustainability experts meet with you and your academic team with one goal in mind: to learn more about your needs in order to create the perfect school uniform collection for your students!


Local expertise

Our team calls on designers experienced in the creation of school uniforms for elementary, middle and high schools in Quebec. The uniforms’ look and comfort are at the heart of their concerns. Our experts adapt to your vision and advise you in designing a collection that matches your image and goes beyond trends.

3D design tools

Our design and development centers are equipped with the brand new Optitex 3D system, a cutting edge digital fashion design solution. This system allows us to:

  • 1.Create collections of school uniforms for elementary, middle and high schools in real time.
  • 2.Present highly realistic virtual samples within hours.
  • 3.Save up to 60% of time in sample production.

Call on our designers’ imagination for your elementary, middle and high school uniforms

Trust our experts to create the next uniform for your elementary, middle or high school.


Hub1916's Superior Quality


Whether it be for sporting activities or for classroom lessons, our fabrics made from recycled fiber offer optimal comfort and great durability. Soft to the touch, our products quickly absorb moisture and speed up the drying process to keep the user dry (dry-fit). Moreover, the fibers used in our products allow for great flexibility of movement so that students can move freely and comfortably!


Abrasion resistant, our recycled polyester is also particularly durable. Our products retain their color well and show very little wear, even after many years of use. Younger siblings who often receive the elementary, middle or high school uniform of their older siblings will also benefit from this superior quality!

Easy maintenance

Have a pencil stain on the sleeves or a patch of grass on the knees? Don't panic, our recycled fiber is very easy to maintain. Remember, Hub1916 design their school uniforms to be misfortune-proof and worn over and over, whether you are in elementary, middle or high school!