Earth day Canada at school

Our eco-future program in partnership with Earth day Canada

Hub1916 is honored to partner with Earth Day Canada to help your school achieve ambitious environmental goals by exploring eco-responsible avenues of improvement that go beyond ecological school uniforms. Together, we are proud to present to you our Eco-Future Program, an environmental program specially designed for our province’s schools aiming to raise awareness and guide the development of eco-responsible practices.

When you choose to work with Hub1916 for the creation of your school uniforms, you automatically benefit from our Eco-Future environmental program. The program has two components: guidance and awareness.


Consulting for schools with Earth Day Canada

Tailored to your goals and needs, Earth Day Canada’s team of experts offers you a personalized consultation and support service with regards to your school’s environmental initiatives. Whether it be your first step in the ecological movement or to enhance your current activities, the environmental program encompasses the following advantages:

  • Audit of practices within your school by an environmental expert at Earth Day Canada
  • Advice and action plan for the set up and the improvement of your practices
  • Support and guidance throughout the year for the implementation of your eco-responsible action plan

Imagine what we could accomplish together!

  • Reduce waste within your school
  • Implement an efficient recycling and/or composting system
  • Train your teachers and/or your management team to promote an ecological approach
  • Develop academic activities focused on environmental responsibility
  • And much more with Earth Day Canada!

Raising awareness amongst your school’s students with Earth Day Canada

As part of our environmental program, one of Earth Day Canada's guest speakers will have the pleasure of informing and inspiring your school’s students to raise awareness about environmental protection. With the hopes of mobilizing young people around environmental issues, we want your students to understand their potential individual impact so that they can become ambassadors of the solution for their family and friends. Created with a pedagogical approach precisely tailored to your students, the main topics explored during the Earth Day Canada conference at your school are the following:

  • Overview of environmental issues in various sectors
  • Origins of current environmental issues
  • Possible solutions to respond to the situation
  • Each individual’s role in the environmentally responsible movement

About our partner: Earth day Canada

Earth Day Canada is a charitable organization whose mission is to support people and organizations in reducing their impact on the environment by taking concrete steps on Earth Day and every day. Since August 2019, the charitable organization Tous les Jours, which was initially active in Quebec and in Canada’s French-speaking communities, has become Earth Day Canada in order to deploy its environmental support programs throughout Canada.

By relying on their multisectoral expertise, the organization goes beyond awareness-raising to convert ideas into solutions by designing environmental programs and projects with a proven positive impact in various areas such as waste management, the fight against food waste, sustainable mobility, tree planting, training and environmental awareness.

To learn more about Earth Day Canada and their environmental programs, visit their website.


Some ambitious projects already led by our partner Earth Day:


Certification Action Réduction

Since 2013, more than 280 IGA grocery stores have participated in our waste management initiative and more than 170 have become certified as high performing companies in waste management.


À vos frigos

An educational workshop to fight against food waste which has guided more than 10,000 participants since 2015.


Transition Wow

An environmental program launched in 2020 dedicated to converting light trucks, vans and SUVs into 100% electric vehicles.


Tomorrow’s Forest

Since 2007, more than 700,000 trees have been planted as part of various projects bringing together municipalities, businesses, institutions and organizations.